Tuesday, April 07, 2009



Here's some of our recent work, if you would like to contact us or place an order, please leave a comment with your contact details or please contact us via our email or mobile phone number.
All orders can be processed via email or alternatively you can post your disc with your photos on it. We're also happy to meet in person to discuss prices, sizes and further options.

Alot of our previous clients have had our posters made for 16th's, 18's, 21'st, even 50th's and 60th's also being popular. Wedding, deb and sporting layouts are also very popular.
Layouts will be emailed to you for your final approval, any minor changes will be made free of charge. Prices include free postage to you via Australia Post. All red eye removal will also be processed at no extra cost. Your photos will be panned to your liking so to avoid any backgrounds you may not wish to see. The highest quality printing is available through our professional photographers studio.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our work as much as we enjoy designing lasting memories for your loved ones.

Warmest Wishes,

Sherryll Ray
0403 19 1158

Susan Sleswick
0432 11 7634

My family poster, 30" x 45", approx 130 photos, $259.

Tyson's 21st, 36" x 36", approx 100 photos, $189

Laura's debutante', 28" x 20", $110.

Phoebe's birthday pressie, approx 14 photos, size to order.

Whitney's 21st, approx 100 photos, 32" x 32", $169.

Madison, butterfly, any size available.

Madison's 12th birthday, any size available.

Emily's 18th birthday card, 6" x 8", printed, $39.

Cheree's 18th gift, 8" x 10", $39.

Peter's 50th gift, 20" x 32", approx 50 photos, $119.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Painter Week 3

Here's my homework for week 3. A very informative lesson thankyou Elaina, the rule of 3rd's went a little over my head, LOL, but was great to learn some more tools of this wonderful and powerful program.

Here's my little boy, just mucking around really ! trying to get my head around this program !

Thankyou again Elaina, I never dreamt how much I would get out of this class, the lessons are informative and well written in easy terms that I can understand and keep to refer back to.
I'm off the finish Week 4 homework now :)
A big thankyou to also to this class, what a lovely bunch of classmates to learn with, thanks for all the tips and tricks along the way. And also all your work is amazing and inspirational.
Warmest Wishes,